Jan Mennell

About me

Jan Mennell is an author. She studied journalism and interior design at the University of Maryland and attended the Columbus International School in Spain. She has been a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and has lived, worked, and traveled in many places across America and around the world. Recently retired from residential and commercial design, she has come full circle. She always knew she was destined to write a book, and when her close friend passed from cancer, Jan received so many signs from the universe relating to her, that she just knew she was being told that now is the time to write a book about all the signs around us. Signs guide us through our everyday lives – we just need to be open and aware. Jan is now talking to as many people as she can to hear their stories about signs to include with her own, as lessons for others. Jan has come full circle once again, moving back to her home state of Ohio to be near her two children and their growing families. She resides in Granville, Ohio with her husband and Golden Retriever (whose many adventures may be her next book).

She is currently working on a compilation of her father's work - P. Arthur D'Orazio - a prominent Youngstown architect.